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24 April 2008 @ 01:03 pm
Multi-Fandom Friending Meme  
Multi-Fandom Friending Meme! I figured since most shows are coming back this week/next week, I might as well do one.

Pimp it out:
Jen: Jim's Girlfriendjay_hay on April 24th, 2008 04:46 pm (UTC)
Name: Jen
Age: 19
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Office, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Dragonball Z
Favorite Characters: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Ron Weasley, Jim Halpert, Carla Espinsoa, McDreamy, Gohan
Favorite Ships: Edward/Bella, Ron/Hermione, Jim/Pam, Turk/Carla
Favorite Music: I ADORE musicals and really bad 90s music
Favorite Books: The Twilight series and the Harry Potter series
Journal Type [F/O or Public]: F/O
Anything Else?: I'm in fanart50 (i suck! xD)... I <3 making new friends! :D